Firefinch offer customised manufacturing solutions to make your business processes more productive. Whether upgrading paper- or spreadsheet-based monitoring, streamlining QC procedures, or implementing a full MRP/ERP system, we can help. Well-designed custom software can closely model your business processes, reducing the effort to manage data and offering better control.

Regulatory First Approach

We understand that your industry has its own regulatory requirements. Our first step in any project is to ensure we know what they are, and how they impact the software. This approach avoids costly rework later on.

Expect Deviations

Control risk by managing deviations within your manufacturing system. By considering how deviations affect your system, we can reduce the time and effort of dealing with them. Why revert to paper tracking when the deviation doesn’t fit inside the rules of your manufacturing system? Full audit controls and user authentication provide you the oversight you need to handle the unexpected.

Integrated Quality Analysis

We have a strong background in statistics and experience designing QA and QC procedures. Let us help you design your QA and QC processes, including advice on sampling rates and retest procedures.

Manufacturing Specialisation

MRP/ERP Applications
Web & Desktop
Regulatory Environments
Data Visualisation
Auditing & Traceability


MRP System

A system to provide workflow management and traceability of a complex batch manufacturing line. This line had multiple raw inputs and a complex multi-stage manufacturing process. The system handled everything from goods-in QC and stock management to labelling and shipment of the final product. Data visualisation tools provide the necessary business intelligence to make the system more efficient and better integrated with customer needs.

Automated Instrument Calibration

A tool to allow multi-axis robots to calibrate themselves as part of the manufacturing process. This involved vision and stepper-sensing to provide feedback allowing for 50ยต accuracy.

Manufacturing Automation Control

Orchestration of manufacturing equipment to automate the injection of liquid into a cavity. This required predictive algorithms to control fluid flow and precise management of the instrument workflow.