We love working with engineers to build something. Many of us here at Firefinch started our careers writing software for instrument design projects, so we know how to support engineering and R&D teams to get the right product. Whether it’s embedded Linux devices or complex instrument control, we can help.

From Embedded Systems To Control Software

We’re ready to support the development of your next engineering project, providing everything from user-facing software to embedded control systems. We are also experienced in capturing and analysing data from sensors and image acquisition hardware, whether to output to the end user or for real-time control of the hardware.

Working With Engineering Design Cycles

We work in two week iterations, but we know this doesn’t map to engineering design cycles. At different stages in the project engineers may need:

  • Software support for prototypes or sub-component builds. This can include custom software written to stress test components.
  • Support for manufacturing processes including calibrating manufactured equipment automatically
  • Instrument simulation software, for component and integration testing within a wider system
  • Final software to support the finished instrument

Prototyping For R&D

Software doesn’t have to be large scale – talk to us about producing light prototypes for systems in the design process. We can focus on the features that are critical right now, leaving a system that can be incrementally improved when necessary.

Engineering Specialisation

Instrument Control & Automation
Signals & Image Analysis
R&D Prototyping
Working with Engineers
SBCs & Embedded Systems


Multi-Axis Liquid Handling Robot

Instrument control software for a multi-axis liquid handling robot which performs electrophoresis. This involved everything from deep-level control (down to axis movement) through to creating a high-level digital simulator for the instrument to allow testing.

Automated Instrument Calibration

Sophisticated automated calibration using a combination of linear encoder feedback and image recognition for high-precision positional calibration. Software automation of the calibration process significantly improved accuracy and repeatability, while also reducing the man hours per instrument build.

IoT Monitoring Platform

Monitoring platform for a wind turbine system, designed to record output from the low-level control system, and make it available securely to remote users. This required a sophisticated type of mobile network VPN and careful consideration of resources, from clock cycles to transmission bandwidth.