Web Tech Stack: Our Tools for Web Applications

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People occasionally ask: which technologies do you use? While we don’t believe the chosen technologies are as important as getting the requirements right, having the right tools can save a lot of development time. Here’s our preferred web tech stack, and a few alternatives for when they’re necessary. When we evaluate a new technology, we […]

Bespoke Software vs. Off-The-Shelf

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We love bespoke software. Software designed for a specific purpose is simple to use and feels great. We’re obviously biased towards bespoke software, but sometimes it’s not the right business decision. When should you consider a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution? COTS software trades fit for price. It won’t match your processes as well as bespoke […]

Firefinch Deep Dive MVVM 2

Deep Dive: MVVM in Real-World Applications, Part 2

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In my previous post I discussed the requirements of an MVVM architecture that is appropriate for use in real-world applications.  For our purposes, this means one that is convenient to use even when scaled to large applications with complex behind-the-scenes interactions. After a number of iterations we arrived at an implementation that met these requirements. The […]

Designing Complex Algorithms

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Writing algorithms is one of the hardest but also most satisfying tasks in software development. During our career we’ve been lucky to have had the chance to design and implement many novel and interesting algorithms. A few examples of the things we have worked on: Signal processing to align signals from different time captures of […]

GOTO Copenhagen 2017

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Last month we attended the GOTO Copenhagen conference. Thanks to everyone who organised it!  Now that videos of most of the talks are available to watch online, we wanted to share our experience and favourites. General Themes The conference had a great set of speakers. It’s interesting to see some general trends that cut across the […]

Hello World

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Hello, world! We’re Firefinch, a software contracting company that provides full project delivery. You tell us what your problem is and we’ll help you solve it, from idea to deployment. It’s go-live day for Firefinch. We’ve set up the website. We’ve decided on our corporate values (be decent human beings, what else is needed?). We’ve […]