The team at Firefinch Software have over 30 years combined experience in biotechnology applications. We’ve designed and built analysis platforms, instrument control and laboratory management systems. Whether for lab use or as part of a product for client use, we’re familiar with the challenges. Our team includes a senior scientist with extensive lab and assay design experience to ensure that we understand your problem better than anyone else.

Analysis First

We love the analytical side of biotechnology applications. From writing algorithms for image or signals analysis to designing statistical tests for assays, we can help. We have experience in designing customer facing and internal analytical platforms to help your users focus on adding value to the process, rather than manually handling data.


Workflow automation improves efficiency and reduces the risk of human error. Firefinch Software can help you interface with instruments, interact with LIMS/ERP systems or automatically analyse result data to extract key information.

Understanding Regulatory Environments

Regulatory environments offer unique challenges, and can raise software costs significantly. Hiring developers who are familiar with regulatory challenges can keep costs down and help focus on the core application. We’re familiar with a number of common regulatory standards including ISO9001, GMP/GLP and 21CFR11.

Visualise Your Data

Strong visualisations can make the difference between signal and noise. Let us automate signals analysis and presentation to make your process more effective. Generating reports automatically will provide the output you need without the effort.

Biotechnology Specialisation

Data Analysis
Workflow Automation
Data Visualisation
Image Processing
Machine Learning
Lab Management


Data Analysis Platform

A large project to provide a data analysis platform for a complex lab process. This involved collecting the data in a raw format (images), then providing data cleanup and analysis to provide the user with all the information necessary to make decisions about their data. For use in a research environment, this tool had to offer a lot of flexibility to the user to design their own analyses.

Multi-Axis Liquid Handling Robot

Software to control a liquid handling robot during a complicated multi-stage electrophoresis assay. This required workflow automation, complex user interaction and robust data handling.

Laboratory Management Systems

A LIMS system to handle the entire sample workflow for an antibody CRO, including instrument maintenance and quality (documentations and approval workflows). This system included a novel document editing platform built in directly, allowing SOPs to integrate tightly with the rest of the system.

Reporting Suite

A tool to take in data from multiple sources and provide PDF, HTML and DOCX output in predefined reporting formats. It allowed complex customisation on the part of the user, including significant control over document structure.